I discovered this beautiful country 2 years ago and I am really fascinated.

Thailand offers a lot more than what you can see on television, which in most cases comes down to 70 year old sex-tourists taking viagra and dragging girls looking like they are 14 years old behind them.
To me, it is a very spiritual country,. Every time I go there, I get those „magic moments“.



I played with bands in Thailand and I often got goose bombs from playing and listening to music down there. I do not know why but my emotions work a lot stronger there. I remember soloing over a Santana tune on a gig and tears of joy were just coming out, because I could really feel every note that I was playing.

I have a few plans in Thailand, maybe organize a showcase gig in Bangkok, we will see.
I also want to continue studying Thai. I have already taken about 200 hours.