Guitar Synthesizers

Guitar Synthesizers:

I have been using guitar synthesizers for quite a few years now.
I own a Roland GR-50 and a GR1.
But the GR50 is still my favorite.
Once you start using a guitar synthesizer, it gets really frustrating: trigger problems, latency problems etc…
It took me a long time, almost three years until I was able to really use the guitar synth and I am especially thankful to Philippe Brecl, a superbe guitar player, sound doctor, computer genious and friend.
Back then, I was so frustrated with my GR50 that I begged Philippe to help me. He finally gave me all of his sound patches he had edited and it is really just those patches I am still using today. I get wonderful synth carpets that are especially useful for soloing over them.
I found that for me, the old GR50 sounds get through much better than a fancy triplestack soundpatch in a band context.
So I would like to encourage everyone struggling with guitarsynthesizers:
It just takes a lot of time to get familiar with them. You also have to make sure not to play sloppy, otherwise you will get trigger bugs.
But on the other hand, a guitarsynth really broadens your possibilities and your sound and arranging vocabulary.
And just listen to Pat Metheny or UZEB…