Lefthanded Guitars

Being a lefthanded guitar player is not always easy and it can be very frustrating when you go to music store and they only have one lefthanded guitar, which in most cases is a peace of shit.
I bought a few of my guitars in North America. Here is a collection of my guitars:
Some of them are for sale, so please let me know if you are intrested in buying one:
1. Fender Strat made in Mexico
2. Fender Telecaster US
3. Ibanez RG 550
4. Sqier Strat
5. Aria Pro II Semi-acoustic
6. Taylor 4110
7. Takamine EN-10

Meanwhile I alo have:

Vigier Excalibur

Cole Clark Fat Lady 2 LC

Fender 4TH anniversary Telecaster MIJ

Guild Electro Acoustic